Pink & Carey Hart Take A Motorcycle Ride Through Malibu

Pink and husband Carey Hart took a break from their newborn to go on a relaxing bike ride in Malibu, California on Saturday (July 23).

Is it dangerous for Pink to be riding a motorcycle while Willow is so young? What do you think?

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Pink Covers Up Willow Sage For Lunch

New mom Pink and husband Carey Hart take baby Willow Sage out for a spot of lunch at Nobu restaurant in Malibu on Saturday (July 16). Pink, who was dressed casually in some harem pants and a leather jacket, had stylishly covered her precious baby girl with a leopard print car seat cover.

You’d think that after releasing an official baby photo that one wouldn’t go out of their way to cover their baby for the photographers.

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Pink Reveals Why She Named Her Daughter Willow Sage

Pink and husband Carey Hart did everything they could to be fully prepared for the arrival of their baby girl Willow Sage. But nothing prepared them for the complicated birth of their first child.

“We watched Ricki Lake‘s documentary The Business of Being Born early on. It was so enlightening and empowering,” the new mom tells PEOPLE. “We took all kinds of classes and decided to work with midwives at The Sanctuary … I was really looking forward to the whole rite of passage — giving birth perfectly present, unmedicated, in the way nature intended.”

But Willow Sage had others plans in mind.

“She was in the frank breech position, which is head up with her legs up by her head in a pike position. We tried everything to turn her around,” Pink, 31, reveals. “Turns out this little girl had other plans — she is my daughter, after all.” “It all turned out perfectly in the end, even though it wasn’t what we intended, because she is healthy and happy and so am I,” the singer adds. “We’ll go for our natural birth next time, for sure.”

Pink also revealed why she chose the name Willow Sage for her first child.

“The willow is my favorite tree. I grew up near one. It’s the most flexible tree in nature and nothing can break it — no wind, no elements,” she explains. “It can bend and withstand anything. I love that sentiment. I want that for her. Sage is cleansing and sacred,” the Grammy-winner continues. “And it sounded great together. It doesn’t hurt that her last name is Hart — flexible cleansed heart.”

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Pink’s Open Letter To The Paparazzi

Pink and Carey Hart welcomed their daughter, Willow Sage, into the world on June 2, 2011, and in that time they have already released an official photo of their little girl to the world. For some, that’s not enough. But new mom Pink is taking action and putting her foot down.

In a blog post titled Important Note from PinkPink discusses her opinions on the paparazzi when it comes to celebrities and their kids.

Here is an excerpt from the pretty hefty piece written by Pink:

Due to the unsettling, surprisingly aggressive and unsafe measures that the paparazzi seem to be willing to go to in order to secure that “first shot” of our daughter–stalking us, chasing us in cars and sitting outside of our home all day and all night, as new parents Carey and I decided that we would release personal photos of our Willow, and donate all of the money to charity.

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