Pink’s Open Letter To The Paparazzi

Pink and Carey Hart welcomed their daughter, Willow Sage, into the world on June 2, 2011, and in that time they have already released an official photo of their little girl to the world. For some, that’s not enough. But new mom Pink is taking action and putting her foot down.

In a blog post titled Important Note from PinkPink discusses her opinions on the paparazzi when it comes to celebrities and their kids.

Here is an excerpt from the pretty hefty piece written by Pink:

Due to the unsettling, surprisingly aggressive and unsafe measures that the paparazzi seem to be willing to go to in order to secure that “first shot” of our daughter–stalking us, chasing us in cars and sitting outside of our home all day and all night, as new parents Carey and I decided that we would release personal photos of our Willow, and donate all of the money to charity.

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