Tiffani Thiessen Working On Losing Baby Weight

Tiffani Thiessen just gave birth to her daughter, Harper Renn, in June and has already shed 30 of the 50 lbs she gained during her pregnancy. Tiffani says that she’s working on it, but it’s hard to find the energy on four hours of sleep.

“I’d love to be my size again but my body is just not that way, it doesn’t work that way for me and I’m okay with that. These last 20 are really super stubborn.  When you’re running on four hours of sleep it’s a little hard to get motivated but I am definitely trying. I’m going to the gym three to four times a week and I started to run again. It’s about trying to balance and find the time to do it.”

Tiffani may not have much energy, but she’s found some time to start a new line of baby goods.  She is launching Petit Nest in October and says that it will feature baby furniture, bedding, and wall art.  Good luck to her!

If you want a peek at the precious little girl of hers, you can see it here.

Photo by FAME