Jennifer Garner And Her Girls Spend Time With Grandma Affleck; Celebrity Baby Birthday

Ben Affleck’s mom, Chris, joined Jennifer Garner at Violet’s soccer game yesterday in Brentwood. Also along, as always, was little sister Seraphina.  Looks like she might be next in line for the soccer team.  😉

I love that Jennifer doesn’t feel the need to get all gussied up just because the paps are lurking about all the time – she just lives her life.  We often expect celebrities to be “on” 24/7, when really they should only have to bother with all of the clothes and makeup and whatnot on premiere nights and such, right?

We also have to give a celebrity baby birthday shout out to Ramona Skarsgard, daughter of Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Skarsgard – and niece of Jake Gyllenhaal.  Ramona turns FOUR today!  Happy Birthday!  (Fame didn’t have any photos of the cutie pie, so this little side mention will have to do – sorry!)

Photos by FAME