Peter Andre Takes Home Celebrity Dad Of The Year Award

Two years in a row Peter Andre has been named Celebrity Dad of the Year.

Accepting the Premier Inn Celebrity Dad of the Year trophy at a Premier Inn in Kensington, west London this morning (6/16), he said:

“This means a huge amount to me as being a dad is my most important role.

“This feels so great. It was an honour to win last year but to still have the public’s support and best wishes is a tremendous feeling.”

He was congratulated by Claire Haigh of Premier Inn praised Peter for juggling his work with parenthood.

She said:

“His attitude towards work, spending quality time with his kids, and his likeability factor has clearly struck a chord with the voters.”

Peter beat out some top celebrity fathers like Sir Elton John and David Furnish, David Beckham, and Wayne Rooney.

The purpose for the awards according to the organizers of The Premier Inn Celebrity Dad of the Year 2011 award, it aims to:

“Reward the celebrity dad who has impressed the nation by balancing a hectic public life with the demands of parenting.”

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Peter Andre Relies On Ex-Girlfriend To Help Organize Children’s Birthdays

Peter Andre is nominated for the Celebrity Dad of the Year Award, but that doesn’t mean he’s planning his children’s birthday parties – he leaves that up to ex-girlfriend Elen Rivas – but the children are from ex-wife Katie Price.

Peter helps raise stepson Harvey (9), Junior (5), and Princess Tiaamii (3) with Katie.

He said:

“As you know, I had Harvey to stay with me last week for his ninth birthday. This month I’ve got more birthday celebrations to organise as both Junior and Tiaamii have their big days in June.

“I’ve decided I’m going to throw them a joint party. I’m going to organise it myself, but as the lovely Elen Rivas is great at organising kids’ parties, I think I’ll ask her to give me a helping hand.”

And regarding his nomination for Celebrity Dad of the Year, he wrote in his column for new! magazine:

“I’m so flattered to be nominated for Dad of the Year again, but I’m more than happy to hand over the crown to another great dad this year. I’d love to see the award go to Sir Elton John or David Furnish, who are also nominated – it would really break new ground if they won.

“I’m annoyed that there was controversy about them becoming parents. What has a person’s sexual preference got to do with their ability to be a dad? A father is a father – someone who brings a child into the world and looks after them with all their heart and soul.”

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Peter Andre’s War Of Words With Katie Price Over Daughter’s Burn

Pop star-turned-TV personality Peter Andre has become embroiled in a war of words with his ex-wife Katie Price after a British tabloid alleged their daughter Princess was injured while in the model’s care.
The Sunday Mirror newspaper reports the three year old was returned to Andre’s care sporting a wound on her back after a recent stay with Price.

An agent for the Mysterious Girl hitmaker confirmed the incident but Price hit back with a post on her Twitter page alleging the story was false.  She stated,

“Again lies being reported! As for peter he should know what a real BURN is like look at (son) HARVEYS leg that he burnt while in PETES CARE!!”

Andre has now spoken out about the incident in a post on his website, claiming his ex-wife – who he split from in 2009 – refused to explain the accident until she was contacted by his lawyers.  The statement reads,

“I would like to make it clear that the story in the Sunday Mirror about my daughter Princess’s burn did not originate from me or my management, I was dealing with this matter privately. I will not be accused of using an accident to gain publicity by Kate. That is completely untrue.

“For the record, the facts are… Princess came back from a skiing trip with a bad burn on her back. No-one had contacted me to tell me my daughter had hurt herself. I tried to contact Kate urgently to find out what had happened but she didn’t respond at all. I took Princess to our doctors immediately.

“Because I still hadn’t heard from Kate, I asked my lawyers to write to hers – to find out what had happened and why I had not been informed. She then said I was making a big issue out of it. I’m sorry, but my daughter being burnt and me not being told about it immediately is a bis issue.”

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Peter Andre Hopes To Find Love With Help Of Son

The ‘Defender’ singer Peter Andre is hoping to have help with his love life through his five-year-old son, Junior.

It seems to be the old school trick with single dads – you know a walk in the park with the child, taking the kid to the supermarket – hoping that the child will be a chick magnet.  Andre jokes about how well his oldest child gets along with women and hopes of finding a fellow single parent at his son’s school.  He said:

“Junior is always coming home from school and telling me about this girl and that girl. I’m like, ‘What about their mums, are they single?’

“He did tell me one girl’s mum wanted to meet me, and then I got worried it was because he was in trouble and she wanted to have a word with me so I haven’t met her yet.”

Dad Andre also hopes that Junior’s enthusiasm for performing will create his own success.

Andre shares son Junior and daughter Princess Tiaamii (3) with with ex-wife Katie Price.   Both children enjoy music like their father, and Andre told New! magazine in an interview:

“Junior loves it. He’s like a mini Michael Jackson, doing all of the moves. He puts me to shame. He thinks of songs in term of the whole package and will do a little routine to the song. I’m telling you, he’s going to be a star.

“He’s got a plan! I’m always like, ‘You’re going to be playing the O2 before I am.’ Princess comes in and out of the room when my music’s on and will go, ‘I like this one, I don’t like this.’ She knows her own mind.”

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