Paula Deen Brings Her New Grandson To The Rachael Ray Show

Proud grandma and celebrity chef Paula Deen stopped by The Rachael Ray Show and brought along a sidekick – her new grandson Henry!

She shared with the audience:

I wanted to share with y’all one of the sweetest things that I’ve ever experienced in my whole life. When Henry was born a couple of months ago, Michelle, my stepdaughter—my daughter. There’s no step to it—gave me the most unselfish gift I’ve ever been given. She had me with her. When Henry took his first breath, I was standing over the doctor’s shoulder. I couldn’t hardly talk to anybody for at least three days because I was still so emotional over this experience. While I had given birth to two, I didn’t see none of it. Back then they knocked yo’ butt clean out! So it was just like I said: the most unselfish gift I’ve ever been given.

You can see little Henry in action when Paula’s episode airs on Monday, October 17th!

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