Is Paris Hilton Pregnant?

Could Paris Hilton really be pregnant?

According to promos of the next all-new episode of The World According To Paris, the answer is yes.

Oxygen’s press release states: “After a trip to Spain to support her motorcycle racing team, unflattering pictures of Paris surface and pregnancy rumors spread like wildfire on the web. The rumors start to make Paris wonder if there could be any truth behind them. Could this be the reason that she’s been constantly hungry and extremely tired lately? Everyone is supportive of Paris but only the pregnancy test will reveal what her future has in store. Meanwhile, adding to her stress, Paris discovers that Brooke is still friends with the ex-boyfriend who betrayed her and released their infamous sex tape! Will Paris be able to forgive this betrayal or will this be the end of her friendship with Brooke?”

If Paris is indeed pregnant, let’s hope for the sake of the child that her mother Kathy Hilton has something to do with its upbringing.

What do you think?

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