What’d Nicole Kidman’s Daughters Think Of Her Role In Paddington?

'Paddington' Los Angeles PremiereNicole Kidman has a soft spot for villains in children’s movies!  The actress and mother of two had to do a little convincing with her girls, Faith, 3, and Sunday, 6, to get them to see her point of view, though!  Nicole shared that they were disappointed in her playing a villain in Paddington.

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New Trailer For ‘Paddington’ (Video)

paddington trailerHere’s a new trailer for a highly anticipated Christmas release, ‘Paddington.’ Colin Firth voices Paddington. Hugh Bonneville, Nicole Kidman, Sally Hawkins, Julie Walters and Jim Broadbent play the live action roles. I remember LOVING the ‘Paddington’ books when I was little! RELATED: Here’s another trailer: Dreamworks’ Animation’s ‘Home.’

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First Look: ‘Paddington’ Teaser Trailer

paddington teaser trailerHere’s another December release that your little ones will LOVE. It’s ‘Paddington’! The Peruvian teddy bear who’s an Anglophile will make his big screen debut next December, on the fourth. Colin Firth is the voice of Paddington. Nicole Kidman also stars as the museum taxidermist who takes an interest in the teddy bear.

This is just a teaser trailer, but I’ve been excited about seeing this since I heard the movie was being made. Nicole’s going to score some serious mom points with her own daughters, Sunday and Faith- LOL. Can you tell some of the people working on ‘Paddington’ (like David Heyman) were also involved with the ‘Harry Potter’ movies? It has a similar “feel,” which I think fits ‘Paddington’ perfectly.