Crest and Oral-B Gave Kids Healthy Flavored Halloween Candy…It’s Hysterical

“Poopie pinata”

“I think I need water”

“I threw up”

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We can all agree that for most children (and even adults), there is nothing more horrifying than Halloween without candy. You know it…stealing your kids candy when they are not looking or telling them you are just checking to make sure it’s safe. You know who you are. But what if kids didn’t get candy on Halloween? Crest and Oral-B have created a video of children’s unscripted reactions to the possibility of taking away their most prized possession on the sweetest holiday.

Seriously, this video is hilarious. It’s truly funny. I’ve already watched it five times and I laugh out loud, literally not in a cool LOL online kind of way, each time. Priceless…especially if you have kids and you picture your own little ones in the same situation.

You have to check this video out:

The good news is that there will be candy this Halloween! Whether it’s candy corn or chocolate bars, it’s okay to indulge your sweet tooth, because Crest and Oral-B have you covered.

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“Hey, you’re saying digusting stuff is good stuff, and it’s disgusting. ” Well said, young man, well said.

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