Usher Opens Up About Custody Battle

Yikes! Single dad Usher is opening up about his custody battle with his ex-wife Tameka Foster and well, it isn’t pretty. The chart topper sat down with Oprah in a rare interview to discuss life with his two boys and how he is coping with single fatherhood. He says:

“Let’s put aside all of the issues that come with being a celebrity and having married someone that people don’t approve of. You have at-home problems with communication, with understanding of how things go. It is hard being married.”

“I didn’t know how to balance it. It was obviously too much for me,” he explained. “I didn’t want to get to the point where I would cause myself harm or do anything that I felt like would be harmful to me, so I couldn’t stay in it.”

“Having not had a father wasn’t a reason not to be a good father. That was all of the reason to be a good father because I didn’t have one. Every bit of who I have become and the way I think I have handled these things represents the example for how I would like for my boys to be able to do things.”

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Paris Jackson Tells Oprah She Still Misses Her Dad, Michael Jackson

According to 14-year-old Paris Jackson, it doesn’t get any easier after having lost her father, Michael Jackson almost three years ago.

“It never gets easier,” Paris says in a promotional spot aired by OWN, which also shows Winfrey asking if Michael Jackson wanted her to have “a quote `normal’ life.”

Paris and her brothers, Prince and Blanket, were closely sheltered during Jackson’s life but have been in the public eye since, appearing onstage at Grammy Awards and on other TV shows.

What do you think? Would Michael would have liked to have seen his children so openly exposed to the media after he worked so hard to shelter them when he was alive?

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Lady Gaga Talks Kids And Marriage With Oprah

Could Lady Gaga be planning on having little monsters of her own very soon? That’s what the rumor mill is producing, as there’s whispers that the chart topper is not only taking a break from the celebrity world to work on a new album, but to start on a family real soon too!

The eccentric singer recently sat down with Oprah and told her that she plans on getting married in the future and starting her own little “soccer team,” meaning she’s ready to have babies – and lots of them! Insiders say Gaga has been feeling broody for some time now and might be on her way to motherhood soon.

Check out our video of Gaga and Oprah and tell us, do you think she will be a good mother? She seems like a very genuine and caring person so there’s no doubt she’d be a very good mother one day soon. Could you imagine her maternity wardrobe? It would probably shock us all!

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Lady Gaga Is Planning To Raise A “Soccer Team” Of Kids!

Could Lady Gaga be hanging up her microphone soon to start a family? That’s what it seems to be as the chart topper hinted in an interview with Oprah that she’s ready to start a family soon and raise a “soccer team” of kids.

Feeling very maternal, the Mother Monster told the popular chat show host during her interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter:

 “Yes, I want kids, I want a soccer team and I want a husband. eah, I do. Well, you know, I’m being superfluous. I don’t want to have one kid. I want to have a few.”

She added:

“I want to experience that,” she said making a baby bump with her hands and laughing, “[but] not yet.”

We actually think that Lady Gaga would make a great mom – if not an eccentric one! She seems to care very much about her fans and her family so there’s no doubt that she’d make a fantastic mother when her time comes, too.

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