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K¹² is the leader in online learning for grades K through 12 for two fundamental reasons: we develop our own curriculum, widely regarded as the highest quality available online, and we are devoted to fulfilling the promise of education for every child.  In that spirit, we invite you to discover who we are and how we inspire learning.

Noodleverse™ Language Arts is an online reading and writing skills practice and enrichment program that allows kids to work independently to become more confident, competent readers and writers.

Developed by K¹², the nation’s leader in online education, Noodleverse provides hours of fun and helps your child really cement those crucial reading and comprehension skills—phonics, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, writing, and much more. With thousands of activities, Noodleverse gets kids excited about reading and writing. (Number of activities varies by grade.)
Pricing: $49/year subscription for each grade (K, 1 or 2 available).

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Prepare your child for kindergarten with K¹²’s award-winning, research-based EmbarK¹² Online program for 3–6-year-olds. Providing flexible learning experiences that engage young minds through interactive multimedia. It is designed to help children ages 3–6 practice the skills they will need to prepare for kindergarten. Children explore key subjects – math, language arts, social studies, science, art, and music – through more than 830 interactive, online activities and education-based games, all available through a secure online environment.

The EmbarK12 Online program is accessed online, making it a convenient option for families on the go who want more than the typical entertainment for their preschoolers. The program’s easy navigation allows children to learn individually in a secure online environment or with as much or as little guidance as parents want to provide.
For years, educators have pointed to kindergarten readiness as an educational priority, a sentiment echoed by the White House as recently as this spring with the new Early Learning Challenge initiative.

Pricing: $59 for a year subscription.

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One (1) lucky Babyrazzi winner will receive your CHOICE of a year subscription to Noodleverse (Winner may pick suitable grade level for child – either K, 1, or 2)  or EmbarK12 Online (pre kindergarten ages 3-6)!

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