Pregnant Olivia Wilde Slams Subway Riders Who Won’t Give Up Seat

olivia wilde

Pregnant actress Olivia Wilde took to Twitter to vent about a frustrating ride on the subway this week. The VERY pregnant mama was forced to stand during her ride and was upset that nobody would give up their seat so she could get off her feet.

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Olivia Wilde Jokes That She Looks “Like Homer Simpson Ate Little Miss Sunshine”

olivia wildeAt least Olivia Wilde is keeping a sense of humor about her baby bump as she works on her maternity style! She joked about her look online.

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Olivia Wilde Baby Bumps In The Kitchen

olivia wildeLike Blake Lively, Olivia Wilde is also pregnant with baby #2, and she’s also having to deal with the summer heat. Her strategy seems to be slightly different from Blake’s thoughts about breaking her water: she’s donning a bikini. It’s about the skimpiest thing you can wear without being naked, isn’t it- LOL?

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Breaking News: Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudekis Expecting Baby #2!

olivia wilde baby bumpLooks like that was a baby bump! Baby #2 is on the way for Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis! The baby bump picture above spoke for itself :).

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Pregnant Star Brings Her Pooch To LAX

Pregnant Olivia Wilde Catches A Flight With Her Dog

Olivia Wilde is NYC bound!  The mom-to-be arrived at LAX this afternoon with her sweet dog in tow.  Olivia shared that she and Jason Sudeikis were headed back to NYC after the Oscars were done and that’s where they’ll stay until after baby arrives.   Olivia looked chic and comfy for her long flight in a gray sweater and jeans paired with layers of scarves.

Olivia and Jason are expecting their son to arrive in May.  May 4th to be exact.  They joked at the Oscars about potential baby names for their little guy, but we’re pretty sure that they’ll go a little more traditional than “Alright, Alright, Alright”.

Photos by Fameflynet