Olivia Goes Comfy Chic For Romantic NYC Lunch

Pregnant Olivia Wilde & Jason Sudeikis Enjoy Lunch In NYC

Did you know it was Olivia Wilde’s birthday yesterday? She celebrated in NYC with her fiance, Jason Sudekis. The couple enjoyed a romantic lunch at Cafe Cluny in NYC. I’m guessing Olivia would rather be tucked away in bed then out partying late at night these days ;). Olivia rocked a casual chic coat for their lunch out. She’s  going to keep her baby bump stylish to the end!

I wonder if Olivia and Jason just made a quick trip to NYC before having the baby in LA, or if they’ve returned to NYC to have the baby there? They are based on the east coast. Maybe they finished whatever business they had in LA and are now back in NYC to wait for the baby’s arrival. I have to say, if I were Olivia, I wouldn’t have minded staying out in sunny LA for a few more weeks, but I can understand not wanting to risk being restricted from flying earlier than expected.