Olivia Wilde Jokes That She Looks “Like Homer Simpson Ate Little Miss Sunshine”

olivia wildeAt least Olivia Wilde is keeping a sense of humor about her baby bump as she works on her maternity style! She joked about her look online.

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Olivia Wilde Baby Bumps In The Kitchen

olivia wildeLike Blake Lively, Olivia Wilde is also pregnant with baby #2, and she’s also having to deal with the summer heat. Her strategy seems to be slightly different from Blake’s thoughts about breaking her water: she’s donning a bikini. It’s about the skimpiest thing you can wear without being naked, isn’t it- LOL?

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Olivia Wilde Rocks Her Baby Bump On The Red Carpet

olivia wildeOlivia Wilde is pregnant with baby #2, so she has to deal with the baby bump. I can’t even imagine how intimidating it must be to attend an event like the CFDA Awards while pregnant. Let’s be honest; baby bumps are cute, but they are not chic. Well, not on most of us. Olivia rocked her baby bump, though.
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Breaking News: Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudekis Expecting Baby #2!

olivia wilde baby bumpLooks like that was a baby bump! Baby #2 is on the way for Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis! The baby bump picture above spoke for itself :).

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Baby Bump Is A Badge Into A New World: Makes Her A Goddess!

Pregnant Olivia Wilde & Jason Sudeikis Out For A Stroll In NYCI think it’s safe to say Olivia Wilde enjoys being pregnant! She opened up to Lucky magazine about the experience of being pregnant, especially managing with a growing baby bump. In these pictures she and fiance Jason Sudekis were taking a stroll through NYC this past weekend. RELATED: Olivia Wilde has one month to go!

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