Megan Fox Talks Brotherly Bonding

'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Los Angeles Premiere

Megan Fox welcomed baby #2, Bohdi Ransom, back in February and his big brother Noah is still getting used to his joining the family.  Megan, who is promoting her new movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, says that Noah isn’t too sure if he’s happy about his new little brother.

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Rainy Lunch Date With Noah And Brian Austin Green

Exclusive... Mischa Barton Shopping For Weed & Clothes In Silverlake

Actress Megan Fox and her husband Brian Austin Green have been spotted again – that’s twice in one week, a rarity for them!  Megan and Brian took their son Noah out for lunch at the Beverly Glen Plaza.  As they left the restaurant on a rainy day, Brian tried to cover up Noah under an umbrella.

I think this is the first time we’re seeing little Noah!  Megan shared recently that she thinks he’s going to make a wonderful big brother to the new baby when he or she arrives.  In a new interview, she shared that they’ve been trying to prepare him as much as much as possible for the arrival of his sibling.  At fourteen months it’s hard to say how much he understands about the big changes coming up.

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Dad And Noah In The City

Brian Austin Green Out For A Stroll In NYC

Celebrity dad Brian Austin Green enjoys a lazy Friday afternoon with his youngest son, Noah Shannon.  Brian was spotted taking a stroll around NYC, without his lovely wife Megan Fox.  We don’t get a good look at Noah, but his hunky daddy will do!

Megan is set to get back into business with her former Transformers director Michael Bay.  Michael “forgave” her for the sarcastic comments she made about him during the press tour for the second film and now they’re going to work together on the new reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.   I’m secretly hoping that they’ll get along so well again that he’ll ask her to star in the fourth Transformers movie (set to also star Mark Wahlberg) – we really missed her in #3!

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Megan Fox Talks Post-Baby Fitness And Gives An Update On Noah

'This Is 40' Los Angeles Premiere

‘Transformers’ actress Megan Fox gave birth to her son Noah back in September, but the new mom is taking it slow when it comes to her fitness.  Megan, who is an avid “exerciser”, says that she is taking her sweet time and not rushing her body to get to her pre-baby weight.

Megan also shares her best diet tip for women.  “I can’t work out yet because my body is still too fragile.  I try to eat whatever I want, but I don’t eat any dairy, and I guess that’s the biggest diet tip. Try and stay away from dairy — especially if you’re a woman! It’s really hard on your hormones.”

Megan says that she’s going to have her hands full with her “bossy” little guy.  “He’s super healthy and funny and he’s very bossy already. He’s got a very strong personality, so I’m really in for it!”

Megan also gushed that Brian Austin Green is an amazing dad.  He’s had lots of practice with son Kassius.  “He does anything that I can’t do at the moment because I’m too tired. Whatever’s going on, he does. He’s with the baby right now. He’s the perfect daddy.”

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