“My Kids Make Me Happy”


Motherhood might be one of the most difficult jobs in the world, but it’s also one of the most rewarding, too. According to Niki Taylor, there’s nothing that brings her more joy in her life than her children. She also says she enjoys staying at home while watching them grow. She explained:

“I love Rex at this age and am so glad he is home so I can enjoy everything about him. We have playdates at indoor parks like The Monkey’s Treehouse [and] then Ciel joins us at the zoo after school.”

She also talks about her husband, Burney Lamar, and how their relationship has evolved with their children:

“Burney has never been there, and the kids will be old enough to keep busy while we are away. When we met, neither of us believed we would ever marry anyone. But over the years, we have built a genuine relationship filled with love and respect. And the children have only made it stronger.”

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Celebrity Sweet Tweets: Niki Taylor Shows Off Her Youngest Kids

Model mama Niki Taylor took to Twitter this week to show off her two youngest kids, Ciel, 2, and Rex, 6 months.  Niki shared the above shot of Rex with a giant ducky pool toy:

I had a great time on the shoot today! Thanks everyone!

And then the proud mom of four showed off her youngest daughter, Ciel, and her new hair clips.

Thank u for the gift certificate @ladybugbows !! And to everyone in this album! >>

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Niki Taylor And Her Husband Rely On “Day Dates”

As the busy mom of four, Niki Taylor knows it can be a struggle to find quality time with her husband, former NASCAR driver Burney Lamar.

“We’re busy with the kids but we make time for each other by going out on day dates. We either go to the movies or to different breakfast and lunch diners. We are so tired, we like to be home at night to sleep!”

Niki shares that she and Burney split the chores like a true team:

“Burney is a flight instructor putting in his time to become a pilot so he has good hours and gets home by 3 p.m. each day.  He’s great about sharing baby duties. We have no set plan, we both do everything, including cooking. I am blessed to have a husband like him. We are a great team.”

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Niki Taylor Gives Jessica Simpson Birthing Advice And Tells Her To Go Natural

According to former supermodel Niki Taylor thinks fellow fashionista and soon-tobe celebrity mom Jessica Simpson should opt for a drug-free, natural birth.

She tells OK! Magazine:

“I would encourage her to try to have the baby natural – that’s what I did with my kids. Try it without the epidural.”

“I think because your recovery is better. For myself, I did epidural for my boys, and it took me so long to get out of this fog, because it messes with your spinal fluid and it goes right in your back. For myself, I felt like I was in this fog, and it took forever for me to get out of. I couldn’t feel what I was pushing, and for my boys, it was 28 hours, I think I was in labor, and I couldn’t feel anything anymore.”

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