Celebrity Parents and Kids Attend Premiere of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Da

ALEXANDER and the Terrible Horrible, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY Premieres in LA

Jennifer Garner and Steve Carell stepped out together for the premiere of their new family comedy Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.  They hit up the red carpet with other celebrity parents and kids for the premiere at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood.

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Nicole Sullivan Says Celebrity Moms Aren’t Honest About Post-Baby Weight Loss

Las Vegas Rock N Roll Marathon 2012

Actress Nicole Sullivan is going to ruffle a few feathers in Hollywood over her recent remarks!  The Cougar Town “therapist” says that celebrity moms aren’t being 100% truthful about how they lose their baby weight and even calls a few out by name!  The mother of Dashel, 5, and Beckett, 3, shared her frustration.

“I would flip through celeb magazines…and I just couldn’t get how these moms like Jessica Alba lost so much weight so quickly—and yet I couldn’t. They all lie and say, ‘Oh, I lost the weight running after the kids or breastfeeding.’ It’s not true!”

Nicole says that she turned to Jenny Craig (and lost 35 pounds) after feeling like she wasn’t being let in on the big secret of Hollywood weight loss.  “I felt broken. I felt like an outsider in my own community. There just are not a lot of overweight people in Hollywood. I felt like the jerk who couldn’t figure it out.”

She says that she feels so much better now “When I look back to when I had my first son, I was unhappy. I couldn’t understand why the weight wasn’t just falling off. I wish I could have that time back. With my second son, I enjoyed the whole process of him being an infant more because I wasn’t mad at myself. When you are mad at yourself, you are mad at everybody. That’s the problem…. I may not look like [Alba], but at least I can keep up with other actresses now. I feel really good about myself.”

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Nicole Sullivan Talks Summer Plans And More!

Actress (and Cougar Town therapist) Nicole Sullivan shares her summer plans, how she spent Mother’s Day and more.

In a recent interview she said that her Mother’s Day was diaper-free and kitchen-free:

“Mother’s Day means I don’t cook, clean, or change a diaper. Instead I get to have breakfast with my family, then go swimming with them, then read them stories, then hand them to daddy so mommy can read her magazines! I read my magazines soooooo slowly. I take in every nugget about Jennifer Aniston and Kate Middleton. It’s heaven!”

Nicole and her family (including her two kids: Dash, 5, & Beckett, 2) are planning to spend a lot of time outdoors this summer:

“We went camping with my older son’s preschool class this past weekend. Imagine 50 kids under 6. Oooof! We are also going to Connecticut to visit my cousins and their kids. We do it every year and it’s always so fun. We get to say things like, ‘Kids go outside and play.’ “


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Nicole Sullivan And Son Leave Soccer Game

Nicole Sullivan looked to be very proud of her son Beckett who played soccer on Thursday (Jan. 12) in Studio City, California.

On their way to the car, Beckett took off his sweater and showed off a picture t-shirt showcasing him with his mom and brother. How cute!

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Celebrity Baby Birthday: Dashel Pierce Packham

Dashel Pierce Packham, son of actress Nicole Sullivan and her husband Jason Packham, turns 4 years old today!

Dashel is big brother to Beckett, 1.  (yes, the above picture is a bit old – that’s Beckett in his mom’s belly)

Nicole is currently starring on “$#*! My Dad Says” and voices the character of Marlene on the cartoon “The Penguins of Madagascar“.

Happy birthday Dashel!

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