Causes Uproar Over Expectant Moms Parking Spot


If there’s one celeb mom who can’t catch a break on Twitter, it’s Snooki!  She is inundated with negative people all day long and still manages to respond in a classy way.  This week’s example: hate over a parking spot.  Snooki, who is expecting her second child with Jionni LaValle, showed off her excitement about getting to park in the expectant moms spot once again.  [Read more...]

Confirms She’s Pregnant With Second Baby!

snooki and lorenzo

Baby on board! Snooki (Nicole Polizzi) is pregnant with baby number two!  Rumors have been circulating for weeks that she and Jionni LaValle were expecting their second child and she’s now confirming the happy news! She dished the details with Us Weekly. [Read more...]

Explains Why She Doesn’t Buy Lorenzo Fancy Clothes

snooki and lorenzo

Celebrity mom Snooki never shies away from her followers that hurl negativity at her on Twitter and Instagram.  She embraces it, sometimes with sass and sometimes by taking the high road and just educating them or sharing her side of whatever is being thrown her way.  As crazy as it sounds, many people have wanted to know why she doesn’t dress her son Lorenzo in “nicer” clothes.

[Read more...]

Sweet Tweet: Snooki’s Little Lorenzo Is A Snow Baby


Reality TV star Snooki (aka Nicole Polizzi) and her fiance Jionni LaValle are trying to ensure that their son Lorenzo loves the snow.  The happy Jersey family is enjoying every minute of the winter.  Jionni showed off their little sweetheart – who didn’t look too thrilled – playing out in the snow this week.   The look on his face is priceless, like he’s saying “get it off!”.

Snooki and Jionni are looking forward to spring – since it appears that their new house might finally be finished then!  Snooki shared this photo below over the weekend and said that the house is coming along quickly now.  They’ve been living in Jionni’s mom’s house for the past few years.  The whole downstairs is like an apartment, so they’ve had their own space.

Snooki is still staying mum on the news that she’s expecting a second child.  I’m sure she’ll cave pretty soon and confirm or deny the rumors!

snooki-lorenzo-new-housePhotos by Instagram