Sofia Vergara’s Ex Allowed To File For “Custody” Of Embryos

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Sofia Vergara’s woes with her ex aren’t over yet.  The Modern Family actress was dealt another blow this week – a judge is allowing Nick Loeb to file for “custody” of their two embryos.  Nick was initially just trying to keep Sofia from destroying the embryos, which Sofia has said all along wasn’t her intent.  Sofia’s attorney is outraged over the latest development.

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Nick Loeb And Sofia Vergara Still Battling Over Embryos

CinemaCon 2015 - Warner Bros. Pictures Invites You To 'The Big Picture'As Sofia Vergara launches her new movie, Hot Pursuit, alongside Reese Witherspoon, she’s holding her head high despite the personal turmoil she’s going through.  The actress’s ex-boyfriend has been taking their private matters public as he tries to fight for the embryos they had frozen while they were still a couple.

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Freezing Her Eggs For Future Babies?


“Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara, 40, is making arrangements to ensure the possibility of having babies with her fiance, Nick Loeb, 37.  Sofia confides that she is in the process of having her eggs frozen!

She tells the April issue of Vogue, “I have to be careful what I eat because they’re freezing my eggs!  Hormone pills, and then after that it is hormone injections. They want to get as many eggs as they can because usually you produce them but they’re not good. They have to be perfect, perfect, perfect ones.”

Although Sofia has a son, Manolo, 21, she is hoping to add to their family and her son is thrilled.  She shared that as a child, he was desperate for a sibling,  “Sometimes he used to scream at me when he was younger: ‘Why can’t you have another baby, so you can stop focusing on me?’”

I wonder if her baby fever is heightened by working with her “TV son” on the set?  Sofia’s character just gave birth to a second child on the show and the baby is often shown in episodes with them.


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She Has Babies On The Mind!


After swaying back and forth on the subject for awhile, it seems like Sofia Vergara does have babies on the mind after all! It looks like the “Modern Family” star and her husband Nick Loeb are in the early stages of the procedure right now, and apparently wants her best friend to carry her baby. Here’s what we’re reading from Page 6:

“The child will be biologically Sofia and Nick’s baby, and she has selected a surrogate — who is a very close girlfriend — to carry the baby.

“A procedure has taken place, and Sofia and Nick will find out in a few weeks if it was successful, if the surrogate is pregnant, and if they will become parents.”

Hmm… in the meantime we’ll be on the lookout for an announcement from Sofia!

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Sofia Vergara Wouldn’t Mind Having Another Baby

It looks like someone has babies on the mind! According to newly-engaged Sofia Vergara, she wouldn’t mind getting pregnant again after she married her fiance, businessman Nick Loeb. She tells Us Weekly Magazine:

“It’s something that maybe … one day I’ll do again. I wouldn’t mind . . .I mean, I think I can still do it. But you know, when you want to do something like that, you want to do it right, at the right moment, so I am taking it easy, so maybe when I have a little less work.”

Sofia is already mom to Manolo, her 20-year-old son with first husband Joe Gonzalez.

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