Shares New Photo Of Sons CJ And Nicholas


Brotherly bonding!  Jacqueline Laurita, former star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, shared a new photo of her sweet boys, CJ and Nicholas.  It’s striking how much CJ looks exactly like his dad, Chris Laurita.  Same smile, everything.  Too cute!

Sadly, Jacqueline and her family won’t be on the new season of their reality show.  Jacqueline probably wants to focus on her kids and not have all that crazy negativity in their lives.  I don’t blame them for wanting to take a break, but I’m going to miss them on the show!  Jacqueline’s sister-in-law Caroline Manzo has her own spinoff coming up, so I’m secretly hoping that Jacqueline might make an appearance on there.  A girl can hope!

Photo by Instagram