Explains Why She Couldn’t Head Right Back To Work After Baby

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Actress Nia Long is back on the big screen in the new flick “Best Man Holiday“.  The mother of two explains that she took some time off after her son Kez was born two years ago.

Nia, mom to Massai, 13, and Kez, 2, explained her break, “It wasn’t like I called my agent and said, ‘I’m having a baby and I’m not coming back for two years.’ It was more like, ‘I’m having a baby,’ and they stopped calling me for awhile.”

Nia took some extra time off to take care of breastfeeding, “I admire the women who can have babies and jump right back to work.  As a nursing mother, I couldn’t sit there and just pump all day. I needed to be close to my baby.”

The celebrity mom shared her anxiety over her son becoming a teen, “The place where we’re moving to is in walking distance to school — he’s 13, he can now walk to school.  Those are the things, then you get to see, ‘Did I really do my job well? Does he have the judgment?’”


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Nia Long Talks Babies And Marriage In New Essence Magazine

Actress and celebrity mom Nia Long only gave birth a few months ago and now it looks like she’s back in action, talking to Essence Magazine about her life as a mother in her forties and her thoughts on babies and marriage. Here are some highlights from her interview:

On marrying Kez’s father Ime Udoka: “Marriage is not a priority for me…I have never seen a marriage work. I’m not saying I’ll never do it; It’s just not where we are as a family. I’ll be at home with my man, having a perfectly loving time, and I’ll see all these comments on some site about how wrong I am for not being married. I don’t feel less loved or less loving because I’m not married.”

On co-parenting with Massai’s father: “Massai’s dad and I have had the most challenging times, and I wasn’t always sure we wouldn’t end like my mother and father. But we’ve arrived at a place where I can truly say he’s not a baby daddy, he’s my friend, finally. He is an amazing father.”

On motherhood: “Motherhood is not easy, but it’s natural. I worked hard to have the career I wanted, but I’ve also been deliberate about my personal life. None of this is a mistake.”

On having a baby in her forties: “I’m in my forties, post baby and I’m thinner than I’ve been in years. The last step will be letting my hair go natural. That’s when you’ll know I’m free…”

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Nia Long Says Her Pregnancy Has Given Her A “Rebirth”

Actress Nia Long, who gave birth to her son Kez Sunday, late last year says that her pregnancy has given her a “rebirth.” The celebrity mom explains:

“Baby Kez Sunday has given me a bit of a rebirth and it’s really nice because I’m able to look at life through his eyes. You have to pay attention to the smallest thing from the birds chirping to the dog barking across the street. These are the things that make the world go around today. When you look at life in its simplest form, stress and worry isn’t the cornerstones of your life. Experiencing life through that lens is refreshing.”

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Nia Long Welcomes Baby #2

Actress Nia Long has welcomed her second child, her rep confirms!  Nia gave birth to a second son, Kez Sunday.  Kez’s dad is basketball player Ime Udoka.

“Both mother and child are healthy and happy to be home”

Nia also has a son, Massai, 10, from her previous marriage.

Congrats to the happy family!

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Nia Long Defied the Odds To Get Pregnant

After being told by doctors that it would be difficult to conceive, actress Nia Long, who is expecting a baby with her NBA boyfriend Ime Udoka, turned to faith.

“I honestly asked God for this,” the 40-year-old actress reveals. “I remember I was driving home from the doctor, and I called Ime, and I was like, ‘Babe, I’m really kind of sad right now … the doctor actually said if I wanted to have more children, it would be hard.’”

“The next time [Ime] came to visit, he said, ‘I don’t believe that.’ I said, ‘You don’t?’ He said, ‘No.’ And I said, ‘Good, me neither,’” the Boyz n the Hood alum recalls. “Then I got pregnant.”

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