Neil Patrick Harris Talks Fatherhood

Neil Patrick Harris is all over the place hosting the Tonys, starring in How I Met Your Mother, and raising 1-year-old twins Gideon and Harper with partner David Burtka. But Harris did find the time to sit down with and talk about his many ventures.

On his favorite thing about being a father: “I love watching them learn to understand language. And watching them interact with each other is fantastic. We’re lucky that we have two because they always have a playmate and they get to learn complicated concepts like sharing and cooperation. They get to learn those things a little earlier because they’re with each other all the time. Watching their minds tick is fun.”

On juggling his busy career and fatherhood: “I have an unbelievable assistant who handles all of my scheduling! It’s like a Tetris game. I’ve been doing this for a while and sometimes you have spells of busyness and other times you’re clamoring for work. It’s nice to not be put out by being so busy, but to try to embrace it and make smart choices. I guess I’m in a nice position that way. I get to choose things that interest me as opposed to trying to get any job that will have me, which for a vast majority of actors is the case.”

On his success in Hollywood: “I’m probably my biggest critic. I worry that if you spend any quality time reveling in good things then karma will slap you upside the head, so I try to stay as even keel as I’m able.”

On what he likes to do when he’s not busy acting/singing/hosting/parenting: “Sleep! Nap! And I’m sort of a tool-around-the-garage guy. I’ve got a workbench and I like to fix things. Well, I like to say I’m going to fix things and then put them on my workbench and then never get to them!”

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