Neil Patrick Harris Selling Up For New Family Home

New dad Neil Patrick Harris is searching for the perfect family home after placing his three-bedroom ranch in California on the market.

The How I Met Your Mother star and his partner David Burtka welcomed twins Harper and Gideon via surrogate in October (10) and it appears the tots are already outgrowing their home.

Harris is hoping to offload the property, which features two bathrooms, a chef’s kitchen and sweeping valley views of Studio City, for $1.59 million, according to

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Neil Patrick Harris Says He’s Not Leaving The House When Twins Start Laughing

Celebrity dad Neil Patrick Harris gushed about his twins: Gideon and Harper, who turn 3 months old today.  He shared at the People’s Choice Awards:

“I love when they’re smiling. That sounds very glib, but for a little while they don’t. You’re just kind of holding and hoping nothing goes wrong and now they’re starting to smile.”

“Once they start laughing, I’m going to be head over heels for those two.  Well, I already am, but then I’ll think they’re laughing at my comedy so I will never leave the house.”

Harris also shares that he is a sling/baby-wearing daddy.  His favorite:

The Moby Wrap. It’s this gigantic piece of fabric that you wrap around and around and around yourself until you look like you should be doing karate and then you sort of put them in and wrap them around and then you can carry on with your day,” he explains. “They just stay put and go to sleep.”

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Celebrity Parents At The 2011 People’s Choice Awards

Celebrity parents turned out on the “sapphire” carpet last night for the 2011 People’s Choice Awards.

How I Met Your Mother” star Neil Patrick Harris picked up an award for Favorite TV Comedy Actor.

Jane Lynch won the Favorite TV Comedy Actress for her role on “Glee“.

Jerry O’Connell’s new show “The Defenders” was nominated in the Best New Drama category and he also was a presenter, as well.

Kourtney Kardashian along with her sisters Kim and Kourtney, won the award for Favorite TV Guilty Pleasure for their “Keeping up with the Kardashians” reality show.

For the full winners list, click here.

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Neil Patrick Harris Jokes About The High Cost Of Breastmilk

Neil Patrick Harris shared with Craig Ferguson the journey to finding some peace for nine-week-old daughter Harper’s tummy problems.

Harper was very fussy … she was always in a state of angst. So we switched formulas a couple of times and now we’re having to have breastmilk brought in.”

He then joked about the process (and high price) of purchasing donated breastmilk:

You have to have breastmilk shipped in. I think it’s a racket.  Seriously, if someone is in Santa Monica — down the street and wants to provide milk — it has to go on a plane to San Jose and get fertilized and pasteurized and boiled and whatever happens in little bottles.”

It’s really great that there is the option of donor breastmilk in cases like Harper’s.  Hopefully this will cure her of her touchy tummy.

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Fatherhood Isn’t As Easy As Neil Patrick Harris Thought

Neil Patrick Harris has realized one thing being a father – it’s not easy.

The first time dad and his partner, David Burtka, have twins Gideon Scott and Harper Grace via a surrogate.

“Once we got home it was a bit of a shock,” Neil admits.

“Everybody said, ‘You’re going to look into their eyes and you’re never going to feel love burst forth like you feel… I’m like, not so much.

“I’m just a caregiver. They’re still so young.

“David and I thought it would be good to not swaddle them and to not pacify them and to have them figure stuff out on their own. And at this point we are like ‘Whatever it takes!’ A shot of whiskey, whatever you need just stop fussing.

“Gideon, our son, he’s a great burper. He sleeps all the time.

“Harper’s been a lot fussier. She’s had some sort of lower GI [gastrointestinal problem]. She’s always kind of working through something. It feels awful though, all you want as a parent is to make sure they’re OK and that they’re comfortable and they’re calm.”

“We went to an osteopath,” Neil adds. “[Harper] sort of snapped and is kind of a different person. Everything’s much better. I’m a huge fan of that!”

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