Usher And His Sons Take In New Oreleans

Fullscreen capture 762015 74328 AMSinger Usher and his sons, Usher V and Naviyd, are having some father-sons bonding time in New Orleans this week.   Usher is performing there for Essencefest and has been spending every other minute showing his boys around the Big Easy.

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Has An Important Lunch With His Sons


Celebrity dad Usher Raymond had a very important lunch meeting this week – in the school cafeteria with sons Naviyd and Usher V.  The proud pop gushed, “Very Important Lunch Meeting with my favorite 6 year old…great building session…bright future!!”  He then spent a lunch break with his other son, “Just turnt up a notch!!! Just got even better…look who showed up, my favorite 5 year old in the world.”

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