Natalie Morales Is Perfectly Fine With Tricking Her Boys Into Eating Healthy

Today anchor Natalie Morales is the mom of two boys, Josh, 7, and Luke, 3.  She chatted with People about her kid-friendly kitchen renovation and shared that tricking her kids into healthy isn’t beneath her.  She shared:

“It’s tough because my kids are so finicky and all they like are white foods.  Vegetables they give me the hardest time with, [but] I got it down to carrots, cucumbers and crunchy lettuces.”

It’s what you attempt to feed them and how many times you give it to them. I give them peas, they pick them out.  But I do like whole wheat banana bread with protein powder in it. I believe in tricking them into eating things. It won’t hurt them as long as it’s healthy.”

Natalie also shared that despite the age difference, her boys are very close:

[Josh] is such a protective older brother. I thought with the five-year age difference, they wouldn’t be this close.  It’s a good difference, there’s no competitiveness. When they get to high school, they’ll be far away. I didn’t plan that, but I got lucky.”

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