Emma Watson Stars In Disney’s Live Action ‘Beauty & The Beast’ (Hot New Teaser Trailer)

emma watson & dan stevens beauty & the beastDisney, seriously: you guys are KILLING me. They’ve released another teaser trailer for the live action version of ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ which stars Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as Beast. The full trailer will be released next week; for now, we have to content ourselves with a new teaser trailer {cue dramatic sigh}.

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Usher The Doting Dad

usherUsher took a break from the recording studio for the movie set: he filmed the movie ‘Hands of Stone,’ which has just hit theaters. Once he finished filming, he focused on another role: his “job” as Dad to his two sons, Cinco and Naviyd.

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‘Rogue One’ Trailer (Hot New Trailer)

rogue one trailerI’ve been obsessed with the Olympics for the past week, but I couldn’t help but notice the ‘Rogue One’ trailer when it dropped as an Olympics commercial. At first I was a bit disappointed when I heard it wasn’t related to the ‘Star Wars’ reboot, but the idea of seeing how the plans for the Death Star were stolen (those are the plans that R2D2 had stored in him for ‘Star Wars Episode IV- A New Hope’ is growing on me more and more.

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Meet The Lava Witch On ‘Moana’ (Hot New Trailer)

lava witch moanaThe Olympics aren’t just for watching all that competition from athletes who’ve devoted their lives to their sports: it’s also a time when we catch extra sneak peeks at upcoming movies. Disney is taking full advantage of the advertising. For this Olympic TV spot, we get to meet the lava witch from ‘Moana.’

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‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ (Hot New Trailer)

lego batman movieTurns out Ben Affleck’s return to the big screen as Batman in the ‘Justice League’ movie won’t be our only chance to see Batman on the big screen! If you want even more Batman, then ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ is for you!

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