Monica Bellucci Defends “Childless” Women

Monica Bellucci is by far one of my favorite foreign actresses and celebrity moms. The Italian beauty recently revealed in an interview her thoughts on “childless” women and how she feels being a more mature mother in her 40’s. Here are some snippets of what she says:

Having babies in her late 30s and early 40s: “It was the perfect time. In my life, I do things late. I need to be calm, and to know and feel things are right. I’m sure there are great 20-year-old mothers, but I wasn’t into children at that age. Now I feel differently. I can stay with them without feeling as if I’m losing something.”

On the idea of being childless/childfree: “I would have been disappointed. But it’s different for every woman. I have so many friends who don’t have children and are happy. Being a woman isn’t about having children. But for me, I needed to go through the experience.”

She now organizes her work around being a mom: “I try to organize my time according to them, because they need me. I don’t want to put my work first anymore, because it’s not as important. I organize my time very well – I don’t like to miss my children.”

Photos by FameFlynet

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