5 Fabulous Finds: A Handcrafted Take On Personalized Mother’s Rings


One of the best gifts for mom this Christmas (or Mother’s Day) is a personalized mother’s ring.  Mother’s rings are popular ways to symbolize your kids and their birth months and what better way to do it than with jewelry, right?  The rings are available at every jewelry store and big box store, but why not go with something handcrafted?  We scoured Etsy and found five great examples of mother’s rings that can be personalized to your specifications.

It’s probably best to wait with some styles until you’re done having kids.  But with the stackable style mother’s rings, it’s easy to add more as you expand your family!

Silver Stackables with birthstones



Embedded in the silver band


White gold with diamond accents


A non-birthstone option!


 Gold stackables 



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