Julie Bowen Talks Legos and Weekend Nannies

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Celebrity mom Julie Bowen is starring on one of the biggest comedy series and is also juggling three young sons who are six and eight years old.  Despite having a hectic life, the actress refuses to use a nanny on the weekends and is also thrilled her boys are finally into something she “gets.”

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Hands-On Mommy

Julie Bowen Takes Her Boys To The Farmer's Market

Modern Family star Julie Bowen has her hands full with a busy work load and three active sons, Oliver, 6, and John and Gus, 4.  While the celebrity mom gets help with her boys from a nanny, she explains that they try to depend on one as much as possible.

Julie explains, “We definitely go nanny-free far more than my husband would like and that started with us … on the weekends. I’m not a saint and that’s not to say we have never had a scoch of help on the weekends, but we never had anyone regular. I felt that it was important — and I forced my husband into this line of belief — that we do have three kids and we need to know how to be with three kids.”

She says that not all parents feel the way she does, “I know many families who have one child or three or four children and the thought of being alone with them for a weekend is pure hell. Now, I’m not going to say it’s not, but we at least know how to do it and I think it’s important to maintain that.”

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Family Time at the Farmer’s Market


She might be years away from mommyhood, but Modern Family star Ariel Winter showed her childcare chops this weekend in Studio City, CA. The actress hit up the local farmer’s market with her sister Shanelle on her nieces on Sunday.

The little girls were in a wagon for part of the outing, but Ariel stepped in to tote one of them around the grounds. Such a touching moment on a beautiful fall day!


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Family Farmers Market Fun

Julie Bowen Takes Her Boys To The Farmer's Market

Modern Family mama, actress Julie Bowen, spent the morning at the farmers market with her boys, Gus, Oliver, and John.  Julie and her three sons picked out produce and grabbed sno cones (or some sort of fun frozen treat) before heading home.

With three young sons, it’s no wonder why Julie is taking on a new animated voice role for the upcoming movie “Planes: Fire & Rescue”.   The film is the sequel to Disney’s Planes, which debuted this past summer.  The sequel is set to release next July and will again feature Dane Cook as the voice of Dusty.  Julie will be voicing “Dipper”.   I bet her boys will love that – especially all of the movie premiere fun!

Did your kids see the Planes movie?  Did they love it?


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A Baby Is Part Of Her Five Year Plan

June 2013 - Sofia Vergara

The bold and beautiful Sofia Vergara sat down with the June edition of Cosmo to chat about marriage, babies and what the future holds for her career as an actress.


On setting a wedding date with fiancé Nick Loeb:

“He was already married with a big wedding and I was already married with a big wedding, so we’re going to something but not right now. When he proposed, it was my birthday, and I’d flown more than 100 family and friends to Mexico for six days of partying. It took me forever to arrange the logistics! If I had known I was going to get engaged, I don’t do this stupid birthday.”


On rumors that she and Nick were about to become parents via a surrogate:

“Well, because I froze my eggs. I had to go to my doctor’s office a hundred million times to do injections. The [rumor] probably came from that. My doctor had told me ‘We have a small window.’ I said, ‘That’s so rude!’ I already have a kid, so I never thought I would need to do that. But I will have to use a surrogate, because I had thyroid cancer and lots of radiation. I don’t want to wait forever, but not yet, because I’m working like an animal.”


On the exact moment she said to herself, I’ve made it!

“In my 20s, I was already known in the Latina market. When I moved to L.A., I used to go to this club. At the end of the night, everybody would come outside to get their cars. I would be next to Leonardo Dicaprio and Justin Timberlake and my car was always right out in front! Nobody knew who I was, but the valets knew because they were Latin. But I haven’t been at this level until now. I’m greedy. I want to take advantage of my 15 minutes.”


On how her style has evolved:

“I have learned that not everything looks good on me because of my boobs. Magazines will say, ‘She is wearing the same shape again.’ I’m like, yes! So what? My boobs are real. They’re a 32F. I can’t wear something backless, because what holds them up? Then the magazines would be saying, ‘What was she thinking with those sagging tits?’”


On her five-year plan:

“I’ve never had a plan for anything. I know I’m not going to get any more shows like Modern Family. If it ends in five years, it would be great to do movies and focus on things like my Kmart line. Maybe have a kid. But I am going to be working my whole life. I love making money. I really love it!”


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