Paula Patton Says Post-Baby Race To Get In Shape Was Crazy

Actress Paula Patton gave birth to her son Julian Fuego (with husband Robin Thicke) in April of 2010, but the new mom didn’t get a moment’s rest in the weight department.  Paula had to whip herself into shape in just five months so she could begin filming “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol“.  She shared:

“It was really the most grueling and one of the hardest things I’ve done.  I worked out for two and half hours, six days a week for a couple of months. It was so hard!”

“I would never cry in front of the boys, but inside I was hurting and a little depressed,” she admits.

“You have to get past that moment of self-doubt. After a month, the wall came down and the training felt doable. It still wasn’t easy, but doable and that felt really empowering.”

Paula also gushed about motherhood:

“Becoming a mother is the best thing that’s happened to me.  He’s at the age where he’s talking. He’s not doing soliloquies, but he’s saying Mama, Dada, car and dog. His vocabulary is growing every day. He makes me so happy.”

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