Talks Expanding Her Brood; Milan Has Given Her Focus

Shakira son Milan

Singer Shakira and soccer star Gerard Pique are definitely adding more babies to the mix – and hopefully soon!  Shakira, mentor on “The Voice”, revealed in a new interview that her plan includes eight or nine more kids!   Milan, 13 months, better prepare to share those toys!

Shakira shared, “If it weren’t because of my music projects, I would be pregnant already. I would love to have eight or nine kids with Gerard — my own futbol team.”

The celeb mom says that having her son helped her find focus in her work, “I used to go in circles around an idea, but since he arrived, I don’t have much time — I have to rush back home — so he has helped me learn how to focus.”

Shakira loves the love her fans show for her son Milan,  “In a way I feel supported and, in a very strange way, accompanied through life. They express so much love for Milan, so much affection. I can only hope that as he grows up he learns how to give that love back to all of those people that give him so much every day.”

Photo by Fameflynet