Miffy and Friends: Available for Free on iTunes for Limited Time Only

Miffy and Friends iTunes

The first episode of Miffy and Friends, the adorable preschool television series, will make her debut on iTunes free of charge for a limited time only.  From right now through October 6, Miffy fans in the United States and Canada will be able to enjoy Miffy’s adventures based on the classic children books created by Dick Bruna.

Miffy and Friends Volume 1, Episode 1 showcases Miffy’s Musical Day and Miffy’s Rainy Day. The episodes take preschoolers along on a journey exploring basic concepts and themes including numbers, colors, seasons, nature, friendship and more.

Miffy made her debut in children’s books written and illustrated by Dutch artist Dick Bruna, which have sold more than 85 million copies worldwide.  Miffy’s distinct, timeless and versatile design has attracted generations of fans and has turned her into one of the most beloved preschool characters around the globe.

Three volumes of Miffy and Friends are now available on iTunes and Amazon, and will be released on Google Play and VUDU through a distribution partnership with The Orchard, in coming weeks.

About Mercis bv

Founded in 1971 and based in the Netherlands, Mercis bv owns the copyright to MIFFY and FRIENDS and is the brand’s worldwide licensor. It has over 250 licensees for Miffy worldwide, featuring over 10,000 unique products, including videos, plush, apparel, toys and accessories. Dick Bruna’s books, over 100 titles translated into more than 50 languages, help young children understand the world around them with familiar story lines.  Big Tent Entertainment is the North American licensing agent for MIFFY and FRIENDS.

For further Miffy news and information, check out:  www.miffy.com.

Now Available On NETFLIX!


Good news for families with Miffy fans!  Netflix has just announced that Miffy and Friends (based on the popular children’s books) is now available for streaming!

Netflix subscribers will be able to watch four episodes of Miffy and Friends (which can be found under TV Shows, Kids’ TV, TV Cartoons and Kids TV ages 2-4).   The four episodes that are now available at the press of a button are: Miffy: Little Bunny, Miffy Goes to the Zoo, Miffy’s Birthday, and Miffy’s Happy New Year.

        Miffy: Little Bunny – Miffy is so excited — her mother will be having a baby bunny soon! During the days before she will become a big sister, Miffy stays over with her grandparents and keeps busy. When she arrives home, Mother Bunny has a wonderful surprise just for Miffy!

      Miffy Goes to the Zoo – Mother Bunny plans a trip to the zoo for Miffy and her friends so they can see a newborn baby zebra. But Grunty gets lost on their visit and has to find her way back to Miffy and their pals. Little do they all know that a mischievous monkey has some tricks in store for them!

   Miffy’s Birthday – Miffy celebrates her birthday at school, where she receives a very special book. The festivities continue when she goes camping with her family and friends and her uncle arrives with a super surprise!

    Miffy’s Happy New Year – Miffy and Melanie make party invitations and attach them to balloons to really wow their guests. But on the way home, Melanie falls and the invitations fly away into the sky. How will anyone know about or come to the party?



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