Motherhood Transformed Michelle Williams

Award-winning actress Michelle Williams is a single mom to 6-year-old Matilda, and she’s telling OK! Magazine how motherhood has transformed her.

“It’s wonderful. I love spending as much time as I can with Matilda and watching her grow and become such a beautiful, sweet little girl,” the talented star tells OK! “It’s an incredible experience and it’s totally transformed me as a woman.”

And a couple years after Matilda’s dad Heath Ledger passed in 2009, Michelle is finally in a better place. “It’s taken me a while to feel really good again and to think more freely and just be myself,” she muses. “I have so much joy in looking after Matilda that I don’t even worry that much about myself anyway. There’s a lot to be said for just going about things, working on good films, making lunches and going shopping with your child.”

Photos by Fame

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