Says She Sometimes Feels Like A Single Mom


Her husband might be one of the most powerful men in the world, but according to Michelle Obama, she sometimes feels like a single mom, but that’s just because President Obama has so much going on (like running the country!). The First Lady of the United States opens up to Parade Magazine about raising her daughters, sending them off to college and that single mom status. Here are some snippets:

On thinking about where Malia will go to college.
You know, I am really trying to tone that way down. Because kids are under unreasonable pressure, and it can destroy a high school experience.

On the rules she has set for the Obama daughters as they grow older.
I give them as long a leash as they can handle. What I tell my kids is, I’m preparing you for college and for life. So, having independence, knowing how to set your own boundaries, figuring out how to make that balance. We still have screen time rules.

On whether her recent description of herself as “a single mother” was an acknowledgement of the pressure that comes with always making the decisions about her kids.
That’s absolutely right. When you have a husband or a partner who’s eithertraveling for work or has huge responsibility … and I give my husband credit—he knows who their friends are, he knows what their schedule is. But he’s not making the calls to the dance studio to figure out what classes they’re taking next year … I think it’s important for both parents to shoulder that [responsibility]. I tell my kids, “I am thinking about you every other minute of my day.”

Photos by Parade

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