Goes to Karate Class


Michael Jackson‘s youngest child was spotted out and about yesterday. Blanket Jackson, along with his security team, headed to his karate class in Calabasas, CA.

And while Blanket and his siblings have gone through immeasurable pain and suffering since losing their father, the little guy seems to be healing and moving forward with his life and interests. The ponytailed cutie seems to enjoy his karate class and other activities.

We’re just hoping that in time, the wounds will continue to heal for Blanket and his two siblings.


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Grabs Cool Treat; Cousin Talks About Conrad Murray’s Release

Exclusive... Prince Jackson Showing Off His New Short Hair

Michael Jackson’s kids are growing up so fast!  Prince Jackson stepped out in L.A. to grab a drink to go with his bodyguard in tow.

Last week Michael’s doctor Conrad Murray was released from prison after serving time for his hand in Micahel’s death.  Prince’s cousin Tanay (Tito’s daughter) spoke out about how their family is dealing with Conrad’s short prison sentence.   “I think a murderer should get a longer sentence than that, I don’t think it’s fair. We really feel like there were more people involved in my uncle’s death. But Conrad Murray is the physical culprit because he physically injected him.”

She continued, “No, we haven’t forgiven him. We can’t forgive him at all. I categorized that person as a murderer. I categorize him as somebody who got away with murder. People in those categories I just can’t forgive.  He should not be able to practice medicine. He was a physical culprit for the death of Michael. That’s a big joke to us that he wants to re-apply for his medical license.”


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In Hot Water Over Child Support And New Ferrari

Jermaine Jackson Stops For Gas

Jermaine Jackson may want to hold off on celebrating his new car purchase!  The celebrity dad (and brother of the late King of Pop) splashed out $160,000 for a 2009 Ferrari this week.  The only problem with that purchase is that it was made on the very same day a judge ordered a wage garnishment for back child support.  Oops!

Jermaine was spotted with his new ride, which he bought by trading in an old car and shelling $70,000 for the remaining balance, on the same day as the child support hearing.  A judge ordered Jermaine’s employer to withhold almost $4,000 in child support per month, with more than $700 of that amount to be put toward back child support that he owes for the children he shares with Alejandra Jackson.   I’m sure Alejandra wasn’t too thrilled to hear he had that kind of money for a car purchase, but not for his support obligations.  Yikes.


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Says Paris Was Suffering

Paris Jackson Outside Her Mom's House

Katherine Jackson sat down with 60 Minutes Australia and opened up about Paris Jackson’s emotional troubles.  The grandmother shared that the family had no idea just how much Paris was struggling.

Katherine shared, “I guess she was suffering and we didn’t know it.”  She also admitted that Paris did indeed try to commit suicide.  Katherine also shared that Paris had help from a lifecoach prior to her attempt, because she was having such a hard time with her dad’s death – papering her room with only photos of Michael.

Katherine tearfully talked about losing her son, Michael, and how her family has tried to cope since.   She also shared that it’s difficult to raise his three children since the world is so different than when she raised her own ten children.

I really hope that Paris is getting the help she desperately needed.

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