Shares New Pic Of Her Boys!


Ok, I am completely jealous here! Melissa Joan Hart is spending her Mother’s Day weekend in Bora Bora with her family! Talk about a dream vacation. The actress shared this sweet tweet of her four boys taking a ride in the ocean. Here’s what she writes:

“The loves of my life! My 4 gorgeous boys! Be still my hart. #boys #tahiti #gorgeous #nofilter #instalove #instagood #madlydeeply”

Again, did I mention how jealous I am? 🙂

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“Lord Of The Green Ring”

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 9.45.02 PM

Now this is just TOO cute! Proud celebrity mom Melissa Joan Hart recently shared this photo of her son Tucker on her Instagram account for her fans during a cute moment they shared together while playing. The actress wrote:

Lord of the Green Ring! #instalove#nofilterneeded #babylove #baby#boys #toys

He’s such a little cutie, isn’t he?

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And Our Mom Quote Of The Day


“One of them [Mason] thought that he could breastfeed and that would help the baby so we had to tell him that’s not really how it works!” 

– Oh that is just TOO CUTE! Melissa Joan Hart shares how her son Tucker, tried to breastfeed his baby brother Tucker so he could help out his mom. I think that happens in just about every family, right? When I was breastfeeding my son, my daughter was very cute in trying to “breastfeed” one of her dolls, too. Hey, what can I say, kids are curious creatures!

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Melissa Joan Hart Tweets A New Photo Of Her Cuties


While this photo is absolutely adorable, there’s one thing that makes me a little nervous about it: a toddler holding a tablet in the rain! Needless to say, I had my own toddler hold my iPad while out in the rain and well, you can only imagine what happened next.

Luckily for Melissa Joan Hart, nothing bad happened here, except for the fact that their power went out! She recently posted a snapshot of her two older boys wearing their pajamas outside. She wrote:

“#MullerPhoto nasty unexpected storm last night left us without power. Off to the neighbors for breakfast!”

It looks like these boys are happy nonetheless!

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Melissa Joan Hart Introduces Her Son Tucker

I’m guessing that football season is probably a very rowdy time at Melissa Joan Hart‘s house with all the boys she has! The actress has introduced her latest addition to her family, Tucker, in a new spread for Us Weekly Magazine and oh my is he a cutie!

The proud celebrity mom says that older brothers Mason and Brady are already doting on their little brother. She says: “I can’t leave or go anywhere — even to bed! — without them kissing the baby goodnight or saying, ‘Good morning, baby,’ or reading books to the baby.”

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