Father’s Day Photos For Eric Johnson And Her Dad Joe


The two dads in Jessica Simpson’s life got some Instagram love this week.  Jessica took to Twitter to share new photos of her ADORABLE kids, Maxi and Ace, while sending out love to her dad Joe Simpson and her fiance Eric Johnson.

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Daughter Maxi Is Two!

jessica simpson daughter maxwell drewIf there’s a prize for celebs with the best child Instagram pics, Jessica Simpson needs to get it. Is this picture of her daughter, Maxwell Drew (called Maxi) adorable or what? Maxi is going to be a heartbreaker when she’s older! RELATED: Jessica Simpson’s daughter Maxi is picture perfect.

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Nephew Bronx Monkey Love

Exclusive... Bronx Wentz Showing His Love For Eric Johnson

Ashlee Simpson’s son Bronx Wentz really, really loves his Uncle Eric Johnson.  Bronx was spotted hugging Eric’s leg and monkeying around as they walked together on Easter Sunday.   Jessica Simpson’s fiance was photographed taking their daughter Maxwell and nephew Bronx out for a walk with some friends in Los Angeles.

I bet Bronx is excited to be getting another cousin to play with when Jessica gives birth to baby #2 this summer.  It won’t be long and Maxwell will be at the age where she can play games with her big cousin Bronx.  I wonder if she loves to yank those gorgeous blonde curls of his?  Those Simpson sisters make some beautiful babies, don’t they?


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Lunching With Max And Bronx

Pregnant Jessica Simpson & Family Out For Lunch

Ashlee Simpson and Bronx joined Jessica Simpson and Maxwell for a little lunch over the weekend.  Ashlee and Jessica were photographed arriving at one of their favorite Mexican restaurants, Don Cuco, with their kids in tow.  Bronx was engrossed in his iPad as pregnant aunt Jessica was getting cousin Maxi from the car. 

I find it interesting that most websites haven’t been chronicling Jessica’s pregnancy this time around.  She hasn’t gained much weight at all, so they don’t have anything negative to bully her about this pregnancy!  I have to say that no matter what kind of controversy and hateful things are written about them and their families, Jessica and Ashlee rise above and just let it roll off.  They are two very strong women!  Kudos to them! 

Photos by Fameflynet

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