Sarah Jessica Parker Celebrates Her 50th Birthday With Her Family

Sarah Jessica Parker Celebrates Her 50th With Her KidsHappy 50th birthday to Sarah Jessica Parker! The actress celebrated her milestone birthday yesterday with her family.  The celeb mom stepped out yesterday morning with her son James Wilkie and her daughters Marion and Loretta.

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Sarah Jessica Parker Cut Loretta’s Long Hair!

Sarah Jessica Parker Walks With Her DaughtersSee that long blonde hair on Loretta (Marion) Broderick above?  It’s all gone – or at least a good chunk of it is!  Sarah Jessica Parker shared on Instagram that she gave her daughter a haircut!  A big one!  SJP showed off the fruits of her hair-cutting labor in a new Instagram snap!

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Sarah Jessica Parker Steps Out With Her Stylish Little Ladies

Sarah Jessica Parker Walks With Her Daughters

Sarah Jessica Parker has been keeping a low profile lately, so it’s fun to see her out on the school run again!  SJP and her colorful little ladies, Tabitha and Marion, were headed off to school before the Thanksgiving holiday time off.

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Photos: Sarah Jessica Parker And Her Braided Beauties

Sarah Jessica Parker Walks With Her Girls

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker was on the streets of NYC with her mini fashionistas, aka Marion and Tabitha.  SJP and her twin daughters were on their way to school yesterday morning.  The girls were cute as ever in their chic outfits.

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The Broderick Twins Skip Off To School With Dad Matthew

Matthew Broderick Walks His Daughters To School

How’s this for a fun Friday photo? Sarah Jessica Parker’s twin daughters Tabitha and Marion skipped off to school in sweet dresses and ballet flats, carrying their matching yellow backpacks.  The girls were all smiles as they dashed ahead of their dad, Matthew Broderick.

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