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Actor Scott Foley is going to be a dad for the third time!  Scott’s wife, Marika Dominczyk is pregnant and they’ve both shared the baby news on their Twitter accounts.  Marika shared the photo above on her account, writing “Sometimes you just gotta chill with your donkey. And your baby bump! #coolmaternityclothes @WendyBellissimo.” [Read more…]

Scott Foley Talks Parenting; Expecting Baby #2

In an interview with Parents, actor Scott Foley talks about expecting a second child with his wife, actress Marika Dominczyk, and raising their daughter Malina.

He shared about his special time with Malina:

We’re expecting baby #2 in April, so due to a baby bump her work/audition schedule has taken a bit of a hit.  That being said, I do have some times that are important to me as daddy/daughter times.  Once a week, Marika takes a sewing class and when she does, Malina and I make the most of it.  I have an old truck that she loves riding in, so we’ll usually go for a ride.  It’s pretty loud, and she loves hearing the engine as I accelerate and her cries of ‘More daddy, more” are hard to ignore…so I go a bit faster. We usually hit a Starbucks where she asks for, and usually gets, a chocolate milk. Then we’ll drive to the bluffs, near our house and go for a walk with our beagle mix, Maggie May and look out at the ocean.  My wife is Polish and speaks only Polish to Malina and the word for big in Polish is duzy (sounds like doosha) so as we walk along the bluffs Malina, sipping her chocolate milk will look up at me and say “Duzy ocean daddy.  DUZY!”  It’s my favorite thing.

The actor also shared that he and his wife are enjoying not being on the go as much as they used to:

Before Malina was around, my wife and I were out a lot.  Whether it was dinner with friends or a party or a movie we were alway moving, always on the go.  Since Malina however, I’ve come to enjoy not being out.  I love sitting with her before bed and reading book after book.  Or lying on the floor coloring and drawing.

Check out Scott’s whole interview on Parents’ website – there’s even a great (horror!) story about flying with small children.

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