Mariah Carey And Monroe Are Beach Buddies!

mariah carey and monroeMariah Carey and her twins, Monroe and Moroccan, enjoyed a white Christmas in Aspen, which is their annual tradition. Now they’re welcoming 2016 with some fun in the sun in what I think is Ponde, Australia!

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Little Monroe Takes The Mike!

mariah carey's daughterIt’s like mother, like daughter in the Carey-Cannon family! Mariah Carey posted this picture of her daughter, Monroe, on Instagram.

“mommy Roe Roe wanna sing mommy!” Ms. Monroe just can’t stay away from momma’s mic.. No matter where we are!

It looks like Monroe truly is her mother’s daughter- LOL. If you look through the pane of the glass door, you can see little Moroccan seems to be “investigating” (i.e., getting into something) in the other room. Typical boy! Isn’t this picture adorable?

Photo Courtesy of Mariah Carey