Joey Lawrence Opens Up About Baby Daughter’s Rh Disease

Joey Lawrence, star of the hit new show “Melissa and Joey“, opened up about the “brutal” first few months of his daughter’s life.  Joey’s wife Chandi had a difficult pregnancy and then their daughter Libby was born with Rh disease.  This weekend at the March of Dimes Fifth Annual Celebration of Babies, Joey shared:

“[Libby] was born 6½ weeks early with Rh Disease. It happens when the mother is Rh-negative and the baby’s Rh-positive. It’s a very serious thing, and we were in and out of specialists’ offices every other day. Libby came out needing a partial [blood] transfusion and was in an incubator for 2½ weeks — we couldn’t touch her, nothing. That first month was brutal.”

Joey says that he and Melissa Joan Hart are going to be March of Dimes co-chairs for 2011.

He also shared that his oldest daughter Charleston, 4, is having a great time being a big sister to Libby, who is eight months old now.

“Charli’s getting used to being a big sister. She’ll go get diapers, and she’ll make faces, smile and sing to Libby.”

“Libby wakes up in the morning and Charli runs in and wakes us up.”

What a little helper!  You can see the sweet little girls here.

Photos by Fame

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