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Every year, people like my husband (and me, who am I kidding) in the Northeast look forward to the release of Mallomars and this past September marked the official kick off to the season (which runs September-March). Don’t you just love seasonal offerings? Seriously, I was just talking about this with Bill the other day.  I love the wave of pumpkin that hits come September.  On the other hand, the fact that you can get peaches year round is kind of a drag. Sure, it’s convenient, but the quality suffers and it all loses some of it’s charm.

Here’s some history, people:

In the early 1900’s NABISCO manufactured a cookie called Marshmallow Crème, which grocers sold by weight from large square tin containers. The demand for Marshmallow Crème steadily increased, and consumers began to ask for it to be sold in retail-size fiberboard packages. The result: the launch of Mallomars in 1913. First sold to a grocer in Hoboken, NJ on November 13, 1913, Mallomars have been pleasing marshmallow creme cookie lovers for 100 years.

Due to the chocolate coating, Mallomars were originally only baked and shipped during the cooler months – from September through March.  While there have been advancements in conditioned shipping and storage, Mallomarscontinue to be sold during the cooler seasons to maintain tradition. Although the packaging has evolved in look and form, the signature cookie has maintained the same, delicious flavor that has created a loyal following for generations.

Anyway, this year marks 100 years of this marshmallow crème cookie goodness! Yes, these little drops of tastiness have been around for a century! Isn’t that crazy?? I mean, how mant things are around for that long?

Check out the gallery below for some really cool ads from all the way back to 1913:

To celebrate the birthday, cookie lovers are being encouraged to share their own Mallo-Memories on Mallomar’s Facebook page, with pictures, videos and stories about their favorite Mallomars memories. By posting your Mallo-Memories, you are entered for a chance to win some special prizes, including a year’s supply of these delicious cookies, and an ultimate 100th anniversary prize pack, including a $100 gift card.

Throughout the season, fun content, including consumer memories and historical advertising, will be shared on the Facebook page, taking fans on a trip down memory lane as they bite into the delectable treat.

To celebrate, one (1) lucky Lady and the Blog reader will receive a cool Mallomars kit, which includes:

  • a blanket
  • a mug
  • a serving tray to cuddle up with while enjoying their boxes of Mallomars
  • a cool t shirt and
  • a tote bag  

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