She Loves Staying Home With Her Family These Days


She’s one of the most recognized fashionistas in the world, but according to Victoria Beckham she’d rather just stay home with her children than go out on yet another red carpet event. The celebrity mom opens up about her career and family life in the latest issue of Vogue Australia. Here’s a snippet:

She is known as one of the world’s most flawless stars who is barely ever seen without perfect make-up or with a hair out of place, but Victoria Beckham claims she isn’t always so glamorous. Instead of heading to a Hollywood hotspot or a five star restaurant at night, the mother-of-four claims she would prefer to relax athome like any other tired parent.

‘Honestly, once the children are in bed I’d rather work or shove on a face pack and pluck my eyebrows,’ revealed the 39-year-old as she appeared in her 10th Vogue magazine issue.

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“My Kids Won’t Admit That I’m Cool”

Hugh Jackman Shops With Deborra-Lee In London

He might be one of the biggest stars in the world with countless fans, but when it comes to his own family, Hugh Jackman has a hard time convincing his two children that he’s “cool.” Talk about a tough audience, right?

According to People – the Australian native said that his children Oscar, 13, and Ava, 8, aren’t his biggest fans…. yet. He said at The MOMS’ Mamarazzi event on Wednesday, “They’re not going to give that up to me. They’re not going to be like, ‘Yeah Dad, you’re the coolest! My son actually saw the movie, and I asked him what he thought, and he begrudgingly goes, ‘Oh, awesome.’”

The actor added, “He’s at that age where it can be embarrassing. He’s now like, ‘Can you please stop talking about me? This is killing my reputation. He wants me to be his dad. He doesn’t like when we get stopped on the street or when people recognize me.”

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Talks About Being Abandoned By His Mother


Hugh Jackman seems like one of the most good-natured (and not to mention sexiest) actors out there in Hollywood right now. The actor opens up to Good Housekeeping magazine, where he talks about being abandoned by his mother at an early age. Here are some highlights from his interview:

He was abandoned by his mother at age 8: “She saw me off to school wearing a towel round her head and when I came back she was gone. Two days later there was a telegram saying she was in England. It took me years to realise it wasn’t temporary. I’ve been reunited with Mum since. We see each other four or five times a year.”

On being a comic book character: “I find it interesting. If I didn’t I’d get out. I was given three pages of script. [My wife] read them and said, ‘There are words like *kerpow* here.’ She thought it was beneath me. I was working with Trevor Nunn at the National Theatre (playing Curly in the 1998 production of Oklahoma). It’s the only time my wife has ever been wrong — and you can quote me on that.”

He gained 25 pounds in 12 weeks for the role: “The problem is my height. I’m 6ft 2in and lean but in the books he’s 5ft 3in and stocky. Part of the bulking-up was to make me look squatter — more Mike Tyson than Hugh Jackman. He was a touchstone because he’s ruthless and has that Wolverine build.”

Never meet your idols: “I said, ‘Good day Mr Eastwood, Hugh Jackman.’ He said, ‘Yeah, I know.’ So I said, ‘I’ve been told I occasionally look like you in films.’ And Mr Eastwood replied, ‘You’re holding up the line, kid.’ Well, I still watch his movies for inspiration …”

Photos by Good Housekeeping

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“I’m A Mother First, Actress Second”


There are a million reasons why I love Helena Bonham Carter, and this interview is just one of them. The British actress opens up to the July issue of Vogue UK, where she talks about her career and her family life. Here’s a highlight:

Helena has two children, Billy and Nell, with her partner Tim Burton. The 46-year-old says since having her babies, acting has mattered less to her. The irony that her work has got better since giving birth is not lost on her.

“It’s not my sole purpose so there’s less pressure on it,” she reflected. “Which, of course, means I do it better. But I also find it’s less important to me now whether I’m crap or good. I take myself so much less seriously than I used to. I used to be so self-critical, it was painful. Now I think, ‘OK, so I acted badly today. I’ll try and act better tomorrow.’ I mean, for God’s sake, it’s not like I’m a surgeon or anything. It doesn’t really matter, does it?”

Photos by Vogue UK

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Out And About With Bing


Talk about a sweet face! Hollywood actress Kate Hudson was spotted running a few errands while she was out and about with her son Bing in New York City on Thursday afternoon.

Tell us, do you think Bing looks more like his mother, or his father, Matt Bellamy?

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