Teen Mom 3 Star Shows Off Cutest Valentine Ever!


Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie Douthit (now McKee) gave birth to this sweet angel just last week.  Mackenzie showed off her gorgeous baby girl, named Jaxie Taylor, dressed up in a frilly pink Valentine’s Day theme.   Baby Jaxie was snuggle cozy in her super soft pink blanket, while sporting a pink and red heart print onesie and striped leggings, with a pink crocheted hat.

Jaxie wins for cutest Valentine’s Day celebrity baby!  We’re pretty bummed that MTV isn’t renewing Teen Mom 3 because now we won’t get to watch this little sweetheart and her big brother Gannon as they grow!  Well, there’s always Twitter updates, right?

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Teen Mom 3 Star Mackenzie Douthit McKee Welcomes A Daughter, Jaxie


Teen Mom 3 stars Mackenzie Douthit and her husband Josh McKee are the parents of two kids now!  Mackenzie gave birth to a baby girl this afternoon in her hometown of Miami, Oklahoma.  Mackenzie and Josh have named their daughter Jaxie Taylor, after Mackenzie’s grandfather Jack Taylor.

The mom of two shared with In Touch that their daughter has brought them closer together.  “Jaxie saved my marriage with Josh and kept our love alive. ” Mackenzie, 19, decided to have another child quickly because she was told that the longer she waited, her health issues would prevent her from having a baby down the road.   The C-Section went well, “My blood sugars and the baby’s were fine during the delivery.”

Mackenzie also shared, “I am so thankful for a healthy baby girl. Many friends and family were praying and everything went great!  She is a beautiful miracle from God. I feel very blessed.”

Baby Jaxie joins her big brother Gannon.  Check out the photo gallery for pics of big brother and the rest of the family!  Including a photo of Mackenzie’s baby belly right before delivery!

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Two Celebrity Moms Are Expecting Baby Girls! Mackenzie Douthit And DeAnna Pappas


Reality TV will be getting two new baby girls!

Mackenzie Douthit-McKee, star of MTV’s Teen Mom 3, announced her second pregnancy recently.  She took to her Twitter account to share a video announcing that she is pregnant with a baby girl!  Mackenzie received a lot of backlash over her pregnancy since she’s so young, but she explained why they rushed to have another baby so soon after her wedding to JoshMackenzie’s health issues will prevent her from being able to have kids past the age of 21, her doctors guesstimate.  So, the young couple decided to add to their family right away.

Another reality TV couple is expecting a baby girl, too!  DeAnna Pappas and her husband Stephen Stagliano shared their news on Twitter this weekend. “We couldn’t wait…so we scheduled another ultra sound this afternoon……and we saw a……..GIRL!!!!”

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