Takes His New Son Landon For A Stroll

 Exclusive... Michael Lohan Takes His Son For A Stroll

It’s Lindsay Lohan’s baby brother Landon!  Celebrity dad Michael Lohan was spotted taking Landon for a stroll near his home in Florida with girlfriend Kate Major.  Michael was pushing Landon in his stroller – with an adorable sidekick – their family puppy.

Landon is now 9 months old and is baby #6 for Michael.  Michael is father to Lindsay, Aliana, Cody and Michael Jr. with his ex-wife Dina.  He’s also dad to a teenage daughter, Kristi, that was revealed in a DNA test on TV.   Landon is his first child with Kate Major.

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See Which Celebrity Gets The Most Media Attention With Fantasy Fame Game


For the last few years, Fantasy Fame Game has been tracking celebrity news and gossip sites and looking at which celeb gets the most media attention, and when. They just finished an end of the year report that has some pretty interesting stats.

They break down these categories, among others:

·  Top 25 celebrities based on total media attention

·  Top 5 celebrities based on daily news cycle wins

·  All celebrities who won only 1 daily news cycle (there were 23 of them!)

It’s interesting that the top overall celebs (Rihanna and Kim) didn’t win as many days as some of the other celebs, which suggests that they are pretty good at always being in the news. On the other hand, it looks like when Kristen Stewart and Lindsay Lohan are in the news, they generally sit on top of the celebrity news cycle. Here are a few of the overall findings in the report.

  • Rihanna was the top overall celebrity of the year based on total headlines and articles that reference her.
  • Kristen Stewart won the most overall days of any celebrity of the year.
  • The 2011 winner, Charlie Sheen, doesn’t even crack the top 25 of 2012.
  • The top 25 celebrities of the year received about 22% of the total media attention (of the top 1000 celebrities.


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Michael Lohan Is A Dad For The Fifth Time – Baby #6 Still On The Way!

The Lohan family just got a little bigger!  Michael Lohan was determined to the father of a 17 year old girl.  The girl’s mother, Kristi Horn, has been trying to get Michael to step up and accept responsibility for her daughter, Ashley, for years, but Michael refused.  The three of them went on The Trisha Goddard Show to finally take a paternity test – and it the results were positive.

Michael fathered Ashley during his marriage to Dina Lohan, mother of his four children: Michael Jr, Lindsay, Aliana, and Cody.  He shared with Radar Online: “While I am sorry this took so long, we finally have the answer, we are all okay with it and we will deal with it in the best way!  Kristi and Ashley have been really good about it! She’s a wonderful kid!”

Michael is also expecting a new baby with girlfriend Kate Major.

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