Connor Cruise Signs To Lil Wayne’s Record Label

It looks like there may be another famous Cruise in Hollywood. Connor Cruise, son to Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, has just signed with Lil Wayne’s record label to become a full-fledged DJ.

He will allegedly be producing beats at the label and may even go on tour with some of the most famous artists, including Lil Wayne and Drake!

Little Suri may not be the most famous Cruise offspring anymore.

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Hurricane Katrina Delayed Lil Wayne’s Paternity Suit

A woman who claims Lil Wayne fathered a child back in 2002 has blamed Hurricane Katrina for delaying earlier attempts to prove paternity.

The rapper is facing a legal battle over allegations he fathered a son with an unnamed woman eight years ago and he has been ordered to take a DNA test to prove whether he is the youngster’s biological father.  The boy’s grandmother has filed the legal action and her attorney tells the family “tried multiple times to get a paternity test” through the court system in New Orleans, Louisiana but the case suffered years of delays after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005 and destroyed numerous court records.

The hip-hop star, who already has four children from previous relationships, has until 9 December (10) to take the DNA test.

Do you think he will?

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