Heads Out With Ruby and Leonardo DiCaprio

Tobey Maguire & Daughter Ruby Waiting For Leonard DiCaprio

Ruby Maguire got to spend the day in NYC with two of her favorite guys – her dad Tobey Maguire and her “uncle” Leonardo DiCaprio.  Ruby and Tobey were spotted on the sidewalk in NYC waiting for Leonardo to pick them up.  When he arrived, he lifted up Ruby and used her to shield his face from the prying paparazzi as he carried her to the car.

These photos have me curious, wondering what they did together with Leonardo.  He never has struck me as the “hang out with your kids” kind of guy, but who knows..maybe he’s awesome with kids.   I guess that’s part of the “Leo mystique” – he keeps his private life so private that we don’t know too much about him off-screen.


Photos by fameflynet

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