Kids In Her Future?

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Actress Kristen Stewart sat down with Marie Claire magazine to chat about her career, her love life and her future children.  Kristen gave a candid and honest interview, we have some excerpts from her talk below!

On being thrown into the unknown: “I really like being thrown into the unknown and then finding my way. I don’t want to show someone something. I want people to watch me find something.”

On falling in love: “You don’t know who you will fall in love with. You just don’t. You don’t control it. Some people have certain things, like, ‘That’s what I’m going for,’ and I have a subjective version of that. I don’t pressure myself…If you fall in love with someone, you want to own them – but really, why would you want that? You want them to be what you love. I’m much too young to even have an answer for that question.”

On having children one day: “I had it too good to not have that, too. If I were to put money on it, definitely, yeah. But you earn that, like, that’s so not here yet. I mean, at this point, I can’t tell you if I want to hang out on Saturday.”

On being judged as a peril of fame: “I stand by every mistake I’ve ever made, so judge away.”

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IMDb Releases Their List Of Top 10 Stars Of 2012 And Top 10 Emerging Stars of 2012

Chris Hemsworth And Elsa Pataky Take Baby India Out For A Walk

IMDb unveiled the top 10 stars of 2012 and the top 10 emerging stars of 2012.  Many of our favorite celebrity parents made the lists!  Chris Hemsworth, Johnny Depp and more!

Rather than base its annual rankings on the reviews of critics or box office performance, these top 10 lists are determined by the actual page views of the more than 160 million monthly unique users of IMDb. For the first time, celebrated actors, writers, directors, producers and other industry influencers also shared their personal top 10 lists in IMDb’s year-in-review special section. To view all of IMDb’s year-end lists and make your own, go to:

IMDb’s Top 10 Stars of 2012*                 

1. Tom Hardy

2. Jennifer Lawrence

3. Chris Hemsworth

4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

5. Christian Bale

6. Channing Tatum

7. Johnny Depp

8. Emma Stone

9. Josh Hutcherson

10. Kristen Stewart

*List determined by total page views in 2012.

IMDb’s Top 10 Emerging Stars of 2012*

1. Liam Hemsworth

2. Rooney Mara

3. Lena Headey

4. Tom Hiddleston

5. Noomi Rapace

6. Taylor Kitsch

7. Cobie Smulders

8. Benedict Cumberbatch

9. Jim Parsons

10. Ian Somerhalder

*Stars who made their debut this year on IMDb’s top 100 STARmeter chart in 2012.

“This year, the men of The Dark Knight Rises, IMDb’s #1 movie of 2012 as determined by user ratings, claimed 3 of the top 5 spots (Tom Hardy at #1, Joseph Gordon-Levitt at #4 and Christian Bale at #5). The Batman trio knocked Johnny Depp, who has earned our #1 spot for most of the last decade, to his lowest ranking ever (#7), and pushed the Black Swan actresses, who dominated at #1 (Natalie Portman) and #2 (Mila Kunis) last year, out of our top 10,” said Keith Simanton, IMDb’s managing editor.

“Also on the rise, however, were The Hunger Games stars, lead by Jennifer Lawrence,” said Keith Simanton. “Last year she was IMDb’s #1 emerging star of the year. This year she earned the #2 overall position on our chart, making her the most viewed actress of 2012. Her co-star Josh Hutcherson landed at #9, all the way up from #79 in 2011, while Liam Hemsworth became 2012’s top emerging star.”

“IMDb’s 2011 emerging stars chart also proved to be predictive of 2012 success in the case of Tom Hardy,” said Keith Simanton. “This year’s most viewed star, Tom Hardy, ranked #2 on IMDb’s emerging stars of 2011 chart. His unrivaled performance this year reflects intense fan desire to see and learn more about the man behind Bane’s mask.”

“Former Twi-title holders Robert Pattinson (#1 in 2009) and Kristen Stewart (#2 in 2009 and 2010) landed at #33 and #10, respectively,” said Keith Simanton. “The biggest drop from the highest spot was last year’s #1 celebrity, Natalie Portman, who tumbled to #37 this year. This may be attributed to the fact that she’s been out of the spotlight this year as she took a break to have a child with Benjamin Millipied, whom she married this last August.”


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Jodie Foster Says Kristen Stewart Is Her “Other Daughter”

There is no doubt that Hollywood can be like one happy, extended family, right? Actress Jodie Foster has recently revealed that she feels like her “Panic Room” co-star Kristen Stewart is like “a daughter” to her. Jodie told Us Weekly:

“I’m proud of her. I feel like she’s my daughter too! “I just love Kristen Stewart, but I didn’t think she’d choose to be an actress. I said to her mom, ‘She doesn’t want that, right?’ And she’s like, ‘Well, yes, she kind of does.’ Because she’s very much like me: She’s not comfortable in life being a big externally, emotional person, beating her chest, crying every five minutes. I felt she was such an intelligent technician, so interested in camera -– I thought that would translate to other things.” 

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Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Are Ready For Babies

Twilight fans, do we have news for you! Rumor has it that Kristen Stewart is ready to have her boyfriend Robert Pattinson’s baby!

The couple — who has been together for three years — attended a friend’s wedding on June 23, they seemed more interested in what comes after marriage: the baby carriage.

“Kristen was talking to a pregnant guest and told her that she would love to have a baby with Rob,” says the source. “She thought it was so cool — at one point she touched the woman’s belly to feel the baby kick.”

What do you think, would Rob and Kristen become great parents? In the meantime, we’ll be on bump watch!

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Kristen Stewart Practicing For Motherhood?

Boo Boo Stewart, who plays Seth Clearwater in The Twilight Saga; Breaking Dawn – Part 1, told Us Weekly that co-star Kristen Stewart had a lot of fun with her on-screen daughter on set.

“She seemed like a really good friend to Mackenzie [Foy],” Boo Boo Stewart, 17, told Us. (Foy is the 11-year-old girl who plays Bella and Edward Cullen’s daughter Renesmee.) “I think I saw them playing patty-cake once! It was cool.”

“I loved [playing a mom],” Stewart said at the Breaking Dawn premiere Monday in L.A. “I actually really loved it.”

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