Lunch With Her Kids!


OMG, those kids are just getting too cute! A very stylish Kourtney Kardashian (I just LOVE those boots!) was spotted taking her two children Mason and Penelope out to lunch while in Sherman Oaks, Calif. on Saturday afternoon.

Don’t you just love how Penelope already has her daddy Scott Disick‘s stare down pat? LOL. Talk about daddy’s little girl! She’s looking more and more like him everyday.

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Shows Off Her Bare Baby Bump! Films Scenes For Show In Red Pants

Kim & Kourtney Kardashian Visit The Westlake Village Inn

Pregnant reality star Kim Kardashian was hard at work yesterday filming scenes for her hit show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’.   Kim was sporting a fun pair of red pants with matching red shoes as she filmed with her family in L.A.

The expectant celeb has dealt with a lot of crazy conspiracy theories that she isn’t truly pregnant and was wearing a fake/prosthetic baby bump (where have we heard this before!?).   So Kim took to Twitter last night and shared a beautiful shot of her bare baby belly with her millions of followers.

Click the CONTINUE READING LINK below to see Kim’s bare baby belly and for the photo gallery!

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Helena Christensen Defends Kim Against Fat-Shaming Bullies

Kim, Khloe & Kourtney Kardashian Visit Their Mom's Office

Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy weight gain has been scrutinized by a number of media outlets, much like Jessica Simpson during her first pregnancy.  Kim has been speaking out against the “haters” and now former supermodel Helena Christensen has come to Kim’s defense in an open letter.

Helena wrote, “It is disgusting and despicable the way that certain media constantly harass the pregnant Kim Kardashian. It’s enough that they persistently project a negative focus on women’s physical shapes; but a public bullying and attacking of a pregnant woman because of her growing shape is just lower than low.”Read Helena’s entire letter on Huffington Post.

Do you think the media is going too far with their ridicule of expectant celebrities?  I wish more people had come to the defense of Jessica, too.  She took so much criticism the entire time she was pregnant – and for months after she gave birth to Maxwell!

In the photos below, Kim and her sister Kourtney stop by their mom’s office in L.A.

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Lunch With The Family!

Cute family alert here! Reality television stars Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick were spotted taking their adorable kids Mason and Penelope out to lunch at a restaurant in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday afternoon. Doesn’t it seem like we haven’t seen Mason in forever? He looks SO big!

This family is just too cute for words and Kourt looks like every inch the celebrity mom here. Do you think Scott and Kourtney will ever try for baby #3? Check out our photos below and let us know what you think!

Photos by FameFlynet

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