Snuggles Up With Daughter North


Kim Kardashian is showing off her baby girl once again – sort of.  The celebrity mom shared this sweet photo of cuddle time with daughter North, writing simply “good morning”.  You can only see the top of North’s head, but it’s a precious picture!   Fans have been hounding Kim for some time now, asking why she never posts photos of herself with North, so this must be Kim’s way of letting them know she reads their Tweets.

Although many fans were less than kind after she posted the photo, accusing her of only sharing pictures of North when she needed publicity.  Ouch.  Kim’s reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, has been declining in a big way when it comes to viewers.  Their ninth and final season debuted a few weeks ago to weak numbers and dipped below 2 million this past week, their lowest numbers so far.

I don’t care what Kim’s reasons are for sharing the pictures of Nori – I just hope she keeps doing it!

Photo by Instagram

North West And Penelope Disick Are BFF Cousins – Kim Shares New Picture!

north west and penelope disick

Kim Kardashian must have helped Kanye West get over his fear of sharing too many photos of their daughter North West.  Kanye had initially said that they would not be sharing her “with America”, but it seems that social media loving Kim has worn him down.  Kim has been sharing a lot of pictures of her adorable little girl via instagram.  The latest one is above!

Kim showed off Nori enjoying some quality time with her cousin Penelope Disick, aka Kourtney Kardashian’s daughter.  Penelope (who looks so much like big brother Mason) was seen holding her little cousin North.  Kim wrote simply, “BFFS!” on her Instagram page.  Both Kim and Kourtney have said that their kids are crazy about each other and getting along well.

Photo by Instagram

North West And Penelope Disick Are BFF Cousins – Kim Shares New Picture!

Step Out With North After Paris Trip

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Shop At Bulthaup

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are back in L.A. and spending family time with their daughter North West.  Kim and Kanye have been in Paris for the past week as they took in the Fashion Week festivities together.  Kim was causing a stir each day with her fashion picks.   Now the new mom is back in L.A. and chose to go a little more casual as they did some shopping together yesterday afternoon.

Kim and Kanye caused a stir while they were in Paris, with fans believing the couple was planning a huge wedding at the Palace of Versailles.  Rumor has it that the palace turned them down, citing the chaos and upheaval it would cause.  Kim and Kanye haven’t confirmed or denied the rumors nor have they shared where their wedding will take place.  Kim says the plan is to marry this summer and most likely out of the country.  Bad news for the U.S. paps, right?

Do  you ever wonder if Nori is really in this stroller? They never seem to catch a glimpse of her!  Most babies would be yanking the blanket down.

Photos by Fameflynet

Shares Pics of a Smiley North West

kanye-west-northKim Kardashian and Kanye West gave fans a treat over the weekend by sharing some new family photos of their adorable daughter North (aka Nori).  Kim shared the shot above of Nori hanging out with her very smiley dad Kanye.  She also posted the picture below, showing North as she giggled her way through a mini photo shoot by her famous mom.  This little girl is too too cute, right?

Kim shared the pics and then headed off to Paris to join Kanye.  The two are taking in the Paris Fashion Week festivities together.  They were seen stopping by for a visit at the Palace of Versailles.  Rumor has it that the two were hoping to tie the knot there later this summer.  Reports surfaced claiming that that Palace had to turn them down.  No confirmation has come from Kim’s reps.


Photos by Fameflynet & Instagram